Munich trip Day 2 – Dominic Gastaldi

Ah BMW. One of the many brands of cars I’d like to buy from. Today was a more laid-back day, which was a nice break from the past 2 days. It was great to sleep in till 9, especially on a FLAT bed with pillows and blankets. After breakfast, we all took the subway to the BMW Headquarters in Munich. Inside it was like a mini car show, there were a variety of models from BMW on the floor to look at and sit in. I especially liked the new Z4 roadster convertible, the 7 series sedan, and the M4 sedan. I was amazed to learn that BMW, Mini Cooper, and Roles Royce are part of the same company, just like Buick, Chevy and Cadillac are all part of GM. On our tour of their manufacturing plant, they had amazing processes to build each vehicle, the automation was incredible. From the stamping, to the welding, the machining, painting, manufacturing, the list goes on. It was really cool to see the amount of detail that went into each car to make sure there weren’t any flaws in any part of it. After our tour, we went to the town square and hung out to watch the Glockenspiel perform at 5 pm. After, a few of us including myself went back to the hotel; and as I’m sitting in the lobby café typing this blog, I’m thinking about what our tour of the Dachau Concentration camp tomorrow will bring.

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