European Trip Day 1

Well, the first day was suddenly an adventure. From being awake for 36+ hours because of being in a different time zone, to the tour of Munich, these day(s) were packed. Our Flight from Indy to Paris took close to eight hours and I’m still getting used to the jet lag and turbulence. Most of us managed to sleep about 4 minutes give or take and came off the plane, exhausted and red-eyed. Trucking on however, we waited for a few hours in Paris before our next flight playing cards and struggling with ATMS. Arriving in Munich, we were shuttled to our hotel and once there, had a few minutes to freshen up before our city tour. From our tour, we went to dinner at the Hofbrᾅuhaus. While we had a good time there, we were beat and wanting to get back to hotel to sleep. Now, as I’m settling into bed, I’m wondering what tomorrow and the next days will hold. Gute Nacht

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