Cameron Johnson on why He Chose to Pursue Supply Chain as a Minor


Major: Electrical Engineering Technology

Minors: Supply Chain Technology, AI/Machine Learning

Why you pursued Supply Chain & Sales Engineering Technology as a minor?

I pursued this minor because I wanted to understand the engineering models and practices that are necessary when running a business.  In addition, I wanted to combine my Electrical Engineering Technology major with supply chain to have insight into in-depth design, applied knowledge, and business applications.

Why you think that knowledge of supply chains is important for engineers in organizations today:

I think having knowledge of supply chain operations is critical and necessary for engineers in organizations today because the supply chain connects engineers together in every stage of development.  I have completed two internships at Boeing, and both times there was never a moment when someone else’s project contributions did not affect me.  When working on a project, every engineer has an impact on one another, and it is important to understand how to be successful in that multi-faceted environment.  Studying this discipline has enabled me to be successful in that environment.

Classroom Reflections:

IET 313: I remember our first day of lab we had a graduate student as our TA.  However, the person who was there told us he was there to teach IET 316 and not IET 313.  We were all very confused because all of our schedules said that this was the room for lab.  The person in the room began telling us how we should email our professor or the dean of students to see how they could have messed up the lab room number, so then we all began to email the TA to see where he was.  Suddenly, his laptop began ringing with notifications.  It was all of our emails, because it turned out he was the TA and he was just pranking us.  We all bursted out in laughter, and I can confidently say that is one of my fondest memories of IET classes.

Advice for future students:

Explore and discover things that interest you.  I have found that studying different disciplines allows you to be a more well-rounded person, and it makes it easier to connect with people around you.  When you are interested in things that other people are interested in, it naturally connects you, and it also allows you to experience different opportunities and to work on different projects.  I would advise that future students become diverse in both their academic knowledge and experience.

Future goals and endeavors:

I want to be a leading contributor to innovative autonomous systems in today’s world.  I am also on track for earning my Masters degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University.

Favorite memories as a Purdue student:

Many of my favorite memories as a Purdue student come from the student organization I am involved, the Purdue Aerial Robotics Team (PART).  Our team designs a fully autonomous UAV every year for a payload delivery competition in Washington DC.  I am the Optics and Avionics Lead for the team, and I coordinate a team of engineers which design custom printed circuit boards including a complex camera system.  This team has given me many opportunities and it led me to an internship with Boeing in their autonomy division.  My favorite memory from PART was during the competition in the summer of 2023 when I first saw the plane take off.  It was like a glorious bird in the sky.  A student organization like PART is a great way to meet new people, experience new things, and to have great memories (see picture below).

11/17- Update: Cam received word that he earned a 2nd place award in the university-wide case study/sales proposition from the Purdue Center for Professional Selling for the Rush Truck Centers competition. Congratulations Cam!

Past sales competition winners include:

  • Lane Robertson: 1st place in university-wide competition, Door Knock/Caliber Solar competition, 2022
  • Sean Finneran: 6th place in national competition, West Virginia University competition, 2022
  • Meghan Thai, Sean Finneran, Ethan Fitch, and Jessica Bradford, AT&T university-wide competition (advancing to round 2), 2022
  • Meghan Thai: AT&T university-wide sales event (1st place), 2022
  • Daniyal Omar and Sean Finneran: Rocky Mountain Madness national competition (advanced to round 3), 2022
  • Sean Finneran: 3rd Place in national competition ($500 cash prize), Rocky Mountain Madness competition, 2022