Day 6 – Amsterdam and The Hague

We began our day with a trip to The Hague. This city is extremely important to the country of the Netherlands because it is where all the important figures in the Dutch government work. In fact, while visiting the Hague, we saw multiple ministers in Parliament arrive for work. This was super interesting to me because in the US government officials need so much security detail, and they could never arrive to work in public the way these officials did. Next we went to the art museum in the Hague, and it was fun to be able to see the classical Dutch paintings on display. This museum even contained some Rembrandts, which must be super valuable. Lastly, our day ended with time to walk around Amsterdam. The whole day we were led around by a student from Erasmus named Peter, and he also led us around Amsterdam at the beginning; showing us all the main and important parts. I then had a chance to explore on my own with some friends, and we took a one hour canal tour throughout all of Amsterdam, and that was super fun. Although I enjoyed my time in Amsterdam, there was a lot more people, bikes, and cars and it was a little more overwhelming, I think Rotterdam is more my speed!