Innsbruck, Austria – Day 3

Today’s visit to Innsbruck, Austria was absolutely incredible. I loved the car ride there and back – and was unable to sleep in the bus because of the lovely scenic views. The town was such a fun time. It’s interesting how each store is so unique and specializes in it’s own area. It makes me curious how so many cafes exist in one area as they’re technically competition. A student and I got cheesecake from one of the cafes which turned out to be a lovely mix of blackcurrant and red currants in a see through jelly. There was also a layer of chocolate and brittle pastry crust. I enjoyed my dessert/lunch on the way back from Innsbruck. One of the highlights for me was going to the top of the tower to get a 360 degree view of Innsbruck. My only complaint is not having enough time to experience every alley, street, shop, and fragrance of the city.

A Scrumptious Dessert
City Sights