Day 1: Munich – Jessica Lyng

Even when we came off the plane after an 8-and-a-half hour flight tired as can be, we had a full and eventful schedule. Here are some notable highlights and places in my experience:


I did not expect our first excursion to be to Dachau concentration camp, but nonetheless I am grateful for the experience. Why? Well, it is one thing to read, watch YouTube videos, and do school projects about the Holocaust, but it’s another entirely to go to one of these camps and have someone very knowledgeable about German history to explain it to you. Walking through the camp and learning about what happened in those buildings and on those grounds was eye-opening. I even took a walk through Dachau’s gas chamber, which was incredibly eerie. No mass executions were held there, which was both strange and interesting to learn about. It was a somber experience overall, but I’m glad I had that opportunity.


What a way to end a day full of walking and travel. This place was surprisingly very lively for a Sunday at 7:30 at night, which I didn’t mind besides it being hard to even hear yourself think over the band (who are fantastic by the way). I would definitely recommend going there if you have the chance, because it certainly was an experience. The food was good, but the main reason I was excited because I was planning to try beer for the first time. I don’t regret the experience, but if I were to have beer again, I would not get the dark beer, but rather something lighter. Others at my table enjoyed their beers, and even liked the dark beer I had, but it just wasn’t for me. Beer is certainly an acquired taste, but I don’t have it. Also, the steins of beer were massive since the most common size was 1 L, with only a few being half a liter (also one of the reasons why I had the dark beer). I don’t even know how someone can stomach all that beer along wither their food, but to each their own I guess.

Metro, Trains, and Other Public Transport

I don’t think I have ever been on cleaner public transport than the ones here in Munich. Granted that isn’t saying much since I haven’t been on much, and haven’t been on a metro system before, but my point still stands. The buses and trains I went on were modern and clean, and even the slightly less modern trains were still virtually spotless. They were also almost always on time (especially the trains which I don’t think have ever been late), and were therefore very reliable. It is also in general just a great boon to traveling around the city because even though a lot of streets and paths are pedestrian-friendly, it’s great to be able to get from one end of the city to the other in a few minutes.