Day 1 Munich, Germany 5/15/22

Dachau Concentration Camp

Day one in Germany for the group was spent in great reflection of the German History of World War 2 concentration camps that brought about the greatest genocide of the world, the Holocaust. Above featured is the entry gate of the first concentration camp and the Nazi German propaganda machine. Above the gates in metal framed words reads “Work for Freedom”. This is the story the Nazis shared across the world that prisoners where in well conditions and where freed afterworking. In reality these people were worked to death, by moving a pile of sand back and forth each day. These people were also sent off to other camps that were set up by major companies as labor. Some of these companies include Volkswagen, IBM, BMW, and Audi.

Gas Cambers disguised as showers

Though always talked about in History Dachau did have gas cambers. There is no records or testimonies give that say it was ever operational. Before liberation by the US forces all records where burned and prisoners killed that had any knowledge of such acts. These atrocious acts found in over 40000 camps from Dachau holding 6000 to Auschwitz holding 100000 can never be forgotten.

Our guided experience was fantastic with a very knowledgeable tour guide that he himself his direct family experienced the camps. Having this information shared from first hand accounts shows the impact to the culture of Germany.