Prague Day 5-Dominic Gastaldi

After breakfast this morning, we went on a 4 hour walking tour of Prague that took us to many fasinating places. Next, we went to the Museum of Communism and then ate lunch. For those who wanted to, including myself, went to the Prague Castle after lunch. While there was a set path for the tour at the castle, I was separated from my group before we got there, so I went out of order. I first went into the cathedral which was incredible. All the stain glass windows were gorgeous, and the paintings were stunning. I managed to get all the up the clock tower and get some beautiful panoramics of the city in the distance. Later on, I managed to find my group in want appeared to be the town area of the Castle. I also bought two hand-carved wine glasses for my grandparents at one of the gift shops in the town. We went back to the hotel after the tour and waited for a while until it was time to go out to dinner. It was another great day and tomorrow, we get to go see the Volkswagon factory in Prague. Exciting!

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