Day 5 Prague- Zach Zumbuhl

Today we got to see the Lennon Wall. It was organized chaos with all of he graffiti but it was still beautiful. I have such a deep love for all music that it was really moving especially when it comes to such a talented musician we lost. Next we saw the Charles Bridge. This bridge has stood the test of time for centuries and one of the obvious things we noticed is that you do not see that kind of life out of the bridges back home.  We ventured over on the walking tour and got to have a look at some of the historic buildings there including the Pinkus Synagogue which is the second oldest synagogue in Prague and now is a holocaust museum. We then visited the Communism museum and showed a lot of the struggles faced when you’re forced to live suppressed. I have noticed that the Czech are a people indeed proud of their history. Lastly, we went to Prague castle and that was a Neo-gothic treat. There were a total of 4 families that ruled in that castle. The Cathedral of St. Vitus was breathtaking admiring its spires, buttresses and beautifully arched and painted ceilings.

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